New Zealand to Offer IPAF Training | Construction News

IPAF reports its first approved training centers in New Zealand have opened. Accessman, the largest specialized rental company in the south island of New Zealand, recognized the opportunity to offer IPAF training to meet the demand driven by the Christchurch rebuild, said Lena Harrington, Accessman’s general manager. She added that training is also being driven by the country’s evolving Health & Safety Act, which has recently undergone reform and is due for release in April 2016.

“IPAF provides a professional alternative to the only option currently available within New Zealand,” said Harrington. “Plus points are the five-year validity of the PAL Card, stringent training guidelines, and streamlined processes. IPAF certainly delivers a total package with administrative support and innovative technology that will in time revolutionise the hire industry. The safety of our customers remains our number one priority and with IPAF on board, we have a training system that delivers by going above and beyond.”

Total Access is also starting up its training center in Auckland. The company’s facilities have been audited and its instructors assessed and certified to be able to deliver IPAF training.