Nyalic Coating Protects Equipment Components from Harsh Environments | Daily Construction News

Nyalic, a clear, ultra-thin polymeric resin coating for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, galvanized, anodized and powder-coated surfaces, and restoration for oxidized painted surfaces, is used throughout the equipment industry to protect cranes and other construction and material-handling equipment. Originally developed for the Apollo Space Program to protect critical components from harsh environments, Nyalic is an ideal surface protectant from chemical and environmental corrosive conditions. It is designed to withstand extreme temperatures (to 350 degrees F and flex below zero degrees F) and UV rays, and it performs at film thicknesses as low as 5 microns.
Nyalic provides a protective polymeric envelope that seals surfaces to prevent acids, salts, urea, potash, fly ash, fertilizer, mag chloride, lime, water, snow, ice and sea air from reaching the surface, and protects against corrosion, paint oxidation, and staining. A properly prepared and applied coating will provide three years of protection (backed by a limited warranty), generating significant cost savings in equipment maintenance and down time. The cost to coat a machine is typically less than 1% of the machine cost, and when a new machine is coated, the owner can capitalize the cost. Nyalic will not yellow, crack, peel or flake when properly applied (by brush, roller or sprayer system), and it is also easy to clean and maintain – damaged areas can be cleaned and re-coated in the field using an aerosol can of Nyalic.