Oorja Protonics Receives Orders for its OorjaPac Battery Charging Systems

Oorja Protonics has received two orders for work on material handling equipment fleets. Developer of commercialized ultra-powerful alcohol fuel cells, Oorja was asked to install its OorjaPac™ system on the fleet of electric forklifts purchased by LPC, Lodi, Calif., to replace its propane-based machines. The Fremont, Calif., company also received a purchas order to install the system on a freezer operations fleet for Super Store Industries (SSI), Stockton, Calif.

Oorja’s flagship product, the OorjaPac generates clean, reliable energy for charging batteries on material handling vehicles. Operating on inexpensive liquid methanol fuel, it emits only clean water and a minimal amount of CO2.

“We have diligently explored various types of fuel cells for our material handling needs over the last year since we made the decision to transition to battery-powered forklifts, commented Mike McWeeney, vice president at LPC. “Our decision to consider fuel cells was based on the green benefits as well as an attractive payback. Oorja’s use of methanol fuel for the OorjaPac and its various benefits over competing fuel cell technologies really impressed us. We see this as an initial start to a longer-term alliance”.

Earlier this spring, Oorja received a purchase order from SSI to install the OorjaPac on SSI’s entire material handling fleet operating in the freezer at its Lathrop, Calif., facility.

“In our transition to commercializing the OorjaPac within the food and dairy industry, we see this relationship with SSI as a very strong one,” said Sanjiv Malhotra, Oorja CEO and president. “SSI is not only a leader within this space but also is leading the path to introducing various innovative technologies. We are very excited about the potential of working with SSI.”