OperatorNetwork.com Now Under New Ownership, Announces Price Reduction

Robert Slingsby of BlueCollarCollege.com announces the purchase of OperatorNetwork.com from GGS Technical Publication Services. OperatorNetwork.com is an online training and testing curriculum which prepares operators, riggers, and signalpersons for certification through the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators.

The comprehensive online training program gives students the ability to learn at an individual pace, while allowing them to spend more time on topics as needed. Time constraints are not a factor as learning can also be accomplished during off-work hours or over the weekend. Slingsby’s philosophy is to make training and certification affordable and readily available to individuals working in the trade.

To that end, OperatorNetwork.com also announces a price reduction from $598 to $198 for each training module. “I believe the objective is to provide the highest quality training with the highest return on investment for the end user,” he said.

Currently the Mobile Crane training course is also available in Spanish. Slingsby plans to expand the Spanish-language versions to the other modules in the future.