Polyurethane Tires Excel in Wet Conditions

New THp-Grip tires from Thombert, Newton, Iowa, provide improved traction for electric lift truck operation on damp or wet surfaces. “A specially designed hole pattern provides for better grip, better braking and improved safety on wet surfaces,” says Reggie Collette, sales marketing manager for Thombert.

The THp-Grip product is available in three compounds: Dyalon B (83 durometer), Dyalon J (90 durometer), and Dyalon A (95 durometer). “These three compounds,” says Collette, “will meet operating requirements in just about any produce or cold storage facilities.” The tires offer good load capacity with excellent resistance to chunking and tearing, typically with longer service life than other tread types. Thombert's products, including THp-Grip, are backed by a money-back guarantee.