Rayco-Wylie i3500 RCI Features Customization

Rayco-Wylie Systems, with offices in Bessemer, Ala., Sainte-Foy, Quebec, and the United Kingdom, announces its newest rated capacity indicator for use on boom trucks, industrial cranes, and knuckleboom cranes.

Featuring CANbus communication link, the device is easy to install. It uses a single cable network and allows the addition of new sensors to an existing network. It's also compatible with most existing competitive sensors.

The graphical display serves as the central processing unit of the i3500, providing two CANbus communication interfaces. Information on the display is presented in the form of pop-up window selection. Other features include a self-diagnosis system that warns the operator of any failure. The unit is calibrated through the keypad.

The device can be customized to fit the needs of the application. Among the configuration options are nine languages; operator's preference for units display, such as feet or meters; and graphic buttons for international use. In addition, the crane graphics can be customized to the specific crane configuration.

At least 13 different pieces of information are visible on one screen. Some of that data includes the boom length and angle, the hoist in use, radius, load on hook, percentage of safe working load, and parts of line.

According to Thomas McCallum, director of industrial crane sales and crane remarketing for Manitowoc cranes, Shady Grove, Pa., the i3500 is now being offered as an option on current production Grove YardBoss and Shuttlelift industrial cranes. This is in addition to the standard wireless LSI system.

“We have chosen to use the Wylie i3500 LMI over other Wylie systems because setup time has been cut from eight hours to less than one hour and is easier to program,” said McCallum.

For more information, go to www.raycotech.com.