Reachmaster Changes Name to Skako Lift


ReachMaster, Houston, Texas, announced it is changing the company name to Skako Lift, in an effort to align it with a new global corporate identity. ReachMaster and its parent company WorldLift Industries in Denmark have been a part of the Skako Group since 2005. Also located in Denmark, Skako AS is an industrial group of companies with interests in the concrete, vibration and lift industries. Earlier this year Wordlift Industries changed its name to Skako Lift, and now ReachMaster will formally join the family of Skako companies.

“While the ReachMaster name indeed has served us very well in the United States and [has] become synonymous with compact aerial lifts, it makes a lot of sense to clarify the overall corporate identity, considering the fact we’re a global player” says Ebbe Christensen, president and CEO of ReachMaster.

Christensen emphasizes that it is strictly a name change; there’s no change in ownership or organization. The product lineup also remains the same, and the well-known Falcon and Denka brands will continue under the new corporate identity, alongside the Hinowa brand, which is sold exclusive through the company.

“Looking back, it has always been confusing that the ReachMaster brand was sold only in the United States and Canada, while elsewhere in the world the very same equipment was sold under a different name," Christensen said. "After the merger with Denka in 2005 [another Danish compact lift brand], we became a part of the Skako group of companies with even more names and logos, at which point it simply became almost impossible to create effective marketing synergies and strategies.”    

He notes that with the new name and logo, the company has a clear, uniform, and global profile to it allow it to strengthen its position around the world—particularly in the Americas. The Houston-based company is responsible for all sales and service in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

“We first and foremost see ourselves as an American company, with no change in our daily focus on serving our customers from a local perspective,"  said Christensen. "With the new identity, however, we can more easily communicate our corporate values, and we can now take full advantage of the strengths and experiences also from our US operation and apply them on a global scale, which indeed represents new exciting opportunities.”