Safety Systems & Controls Introduces Fork Truck Monitor Fade

Safety Systems & Controls, Inc. (SSC), Houston, Texas, has introduced a new monitor safety fade feature to its DOT-Lok shift inhibitor.  On fork trucks equipped with monitors, the system turns the screen off when the travel speed exceeds approximately 1 mph. Steve McDaniel of Conger Toyota Lift was approached by a customer looking for a solution to a safety concern.  “Many of our customers now have computer screens mounted on their lift trucks,” explained McDaniel. “Some have concerns that the screen could be a distraction or safety concern for operators while they are driving, much like texting is a distraction to someone driving a car. One of our customers inquired about an automatic system that would blank the screen anytime the lift truck was moving.”

McDaniel contacted Chris Webre, SSC president, to see if a product like this existed. Although not designed specifically for this, a solution was at hand. Webre described to McDaniel how SSC’s DOT-Lok shift inhibitor would do just what he wanted.  “If you recall, our DOT-Lok kit has a shift light that loses power when the truck travels above a set (adjustable) speed. Instead of powering the light, we could power the monitor,” said McDaniel. After confirming some data, a system was installed and has been working flawlessly, doing exactly what the customer wanted.