Sany America to Display Crawlers at Wind Power Expo

Sany America, Peachtree City, Ga., is teaming with Sany Electric at the Wind Power Expo in Anaheim, Calif., on May 22-25 to display wind turbine equipment, as well as provide information on the newest Sany crawler crane products designed specifically for the wind power industry. Sany America has recently added the SCC8300, with its new wind energy fixed jib attachment, to its crawler crane lineup serving the wind power industry. In addition to the SCC3000WE and the SCC6500WE crawler cranes, the SCC8300 was unveiled at ConExpo 2011.

Combined, these three crawler cranes offer a comprehensive solution to erecting the high tower, big energy producing windmills of today.

The SCC8300 offers six other boom configurations in addition to its 59-foot wind energy jib. This crane can do the work on the windmill farm and then be transported easily to other jobs. Its width is less than 10 feet and its main body breaks down to less than 100,000 pounds. The crane's maximum tip height is over 515 feet. It comes with a 400-hp Cummins QSM11 engine, 28-mm wire rope, and 33,000-pound line pull. With its roomy, Porsche-designed Ultracab, the SCC8300 was designed for operator comfort and maximum visibility to aid the operator in high-lift, high-capacity situations found on a wind energy farm.