Schmidt Structural Products Introduces HF Stacking Cradle System

The HF Stacking Cradle System from Schmidt Structural Products, Oaks, Pa., is a modular system that easily stores long goods, coils, and flat stock weighing 2 to 5 tons stacked up to 10 units high. The system is transportable and adaptable and helps increase usable facility floor space and avoid material loss or damage due to excessive handling. The HF System also can be used to stack coils in capacities from 5 to 30 tons and coil diameters up to 72 inches, providing an economical alternative to typical floor storage of coil or rolled materials.

The HF system consists of a spreader beam unit, which attaches to an existing facility crane, and stacking cradles. Designed with built-in hooks for simple engagement of the cradles, this unit provides easy access to stack and sort inventory stored in the HF system cradles. A single spreader beam unit can be used to handle three different lengths of material, or it can be used to handle multiple cradle rows.

HF Stacking Cradles feature a rugged versatile interlocking design, which provides a modular system that allows rapid stock retrieval. The unique interlocking design compensates for imperfect operator placement while ensuring safe, secure nesting. Engineered cradle units are manufactured of hot-rolled ASTM A36 structural steel to provide years of service. Standard cradle colors are gray or blue. Other color selections are available to provide a material identification system using color-coded cradles.