SC&RA and ETS Offer Signal Person Training Course

According to its newsletter, the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association and Equipment Training Solutions LLC, Stratford, N.J., now offer a comprehensive signal person training course for crane operations. Two 68-page separate guides are available for instructors and students.

Descriptions and illustrations are included in the guide and include the 22 standard hand signals designated in the ASME B30.5 and B30.3 standards. Hand signals covered are hoist, lower, use whip line, use main line, boom up, boom down, move slowly, boom down raise load, boom up lower load, swing, stop, emergency stop, travel wheeled machine, dog everything, travel both tracks, travel one track, extend, retract, extend one hand, retract one hand, trolley travel, and tower travel.

An interactive CD-ROM includes videos of signalpersons correctly demonstrating hand signals while computer animations clearly portray the corresponding crane action, digital graphics showing crane operations and limitations, 29 slides of requirements, examples of voice signals, and ten practice scenarios.

Additionally, descriptions and illustrations for 11 crane operations and limitations associated with the crane to be signaled are included in the guides. The items covered are drift, radius, boom angle, two-blocking, boom deflection, dynamic loading, dynamic unloading, side loading, rated capacity, quadrants, and wind effects.

Up-to-date signalperson requirements are also available, such as using voice signals, using general safe work practices, working near energized power lines, using suspended personnel platforms, and communicating properly.

Other topics covered as the OSHA 1926.550 standard for Cranes and Derricks and excerpts from ASME B30.3, B30.5 and B30.23. A complete 80-question review chapter fleshes out the rest of the book.

The training course was developed by a construction industry professional with over 35 years experience in the development and implementation of training materials. The complete signalperson training course is available to SC&RA members for $359; the retail price is $499 for non-members. SC&RA also is offering additional copies of the student guide at $8.99 each for members and $9.99 for non-members and the instructor guide at $7.99 each for members and $8.99 for non-members. To order, visit the SC&RA website or download the form.