Skyjack Supports Existing CareLift Dealers, Plans for Future

With Skyjack's acquisition of Breslau, Ontario-based Carelift Equipment Limited now complete, the Guelph, Ontario-based company has started developing plans for the future of the company. While plans are in the works for increased production, much of the current CareLift distributorship will remain the same.

“CareLift's image is very strong in the marketplace,” said Ken McDougall, group president for Skyjack. “That was a big part of the attraction for Skyjack. Our research tells us that the dealer network has done a great job selling the ZoomBoom name, and they are clearly committed to the brand. Accordingly, we have no intention of changing current distribution.”

The company's first priority is filling open territories and establishing new distribution, according to McDougall. “Once we have ramped up capacity we will look to expand sales first by setting up new dealers in the areas now open,” he said. McDougall said that of CareLift's existing sales, the majority are with customers already doing business with Skyjack. The company plans to build upon existing relationships, as well as filling in holes as capacity allows.

Because the company is limited in the amount of growth at the current CareLift facility, Skyjack is looking at several options in the Guelph area. The need for additional space is not just limited to the Zoom Boom machines, but production of Skyjack's telescopic AWPs and already-planned future product additions as well.

For continuity during the transition, the CareLift name will remain in place for the near future, but will likely give way to Skyjack at some point, according to McDougall. The ZoomBoom product name will remain long term.