Spidescape to Launch Personal Self-Rescue System

Spidescape Descent Systems, Lone Tree, Colo., announces the introduction of the Spidescape Vertical Rescue System (VRS) for industrial professionals. The company will begin taking orders in April.

The Spidescape VRS is a highly engineered solution for personal self-rescue and victim rescue using Spidescape emergency and training rope. Thanks to the unique design and extensive features of this revolutionary new device, the Spidescape VRS delivers a quick and easy escape method with controlled descent, even with minimal training. It's ideal for industrial workers in elevated work environments, such as tower workers, utility workers using bucket trucks, and high-rise crane operators.

At the heart of the German-made Spidescape VRS is QuadControl technology • four independent brakes that work together to provide quadruple-redundant safety. QuadControl combines the proven reliability of a hands-free “figure 8,” the precise control and stopping power of a disk brake, the confidence of a manual friction brake, and the ultimate safety of an innovative centrifugal brake that limits speed to a safe 6.6 feet per second and prevents free-fall. Superior design of this self-contained, completely integrated system makes it highly functional, in training or emergency use. It's easy to use, either hands free or under manual control, even wearing heavy gloves. Pre-rigged, the Spidescape VRS is ready to use in seconds.

“It can cost businesses thousands of dollars in lost time and productivity every time they have to rescue a worker trapped in an elevated work environment, not to mention the risk of serious injury,” said Jim Fay, president of Spidescape Descent Systems. “The Spidescape VRS gives professionals who work at height a new rescue option that's simple, effective, and completely reliable. And it's designed to ensure compliance because it's incredibly easy and actually fun to use. It's really designed for the real world needs of industrial workers.”

The system is lightweight (1.7 pounds plus rope), compact, and constructed of heavy-duty machined aluminum. It is firefighter tested and will be certified to meet ANSI, NFPA, CSA, ISO and EN standards.

For more information about the device, visit www.Spidescape.com.