Tele Radio Presents New Joystick Transmitter

Tele Radio, North Miami, Fla., presented the newly-developed 860-Lion joystick transmitter system for radio remote control of cranes this spring. The transmitter, designed for safety, functionality and usability, will be available with two joysticks and two speeds, (x,y) (2,2) + (0,2) as well as two joysticks and four speeds (x,y) (4,4) + (0,4). Both the transmitters have a display.

The transmitter is provided with two front switches: an upper one for different functions in one and the same receiver, and a lower one for choosing the load to be lifted and the crane to be controlled. Four buttons, for functions such as searchlight, horn, are set on the sides of the transmitter, and the user can decide what the four buttons control. In a complete-system purchase, the transmitter is delivered with two batteries, rechargeable and exchangeable; a loader; and a belt.

The transmitter’s display makes choosing menu function easy. Information such as actual frequency and channel are constantly shown in the display. The transmitter’s software can be updated by the user from a PC via the transmitter’s battery hatch. The optimal range of the transmitter is 1641 feet. The range for each unique user will always vary depending on the environment. The joystick radio works on narrow band FM-modulation.

Tele Radio has updated its TX3-A Lion transmitter, and changed the model number to TX2-A. Equipped with a new and even more ergonomic housing design which is narrower, the lighter-weight transmitter is designed to be more convenient to handle and work with. The manufacturer has also equipped the unit with a lithium-ion battery in a safer hold. Now, the new battery can easily be removed and put back without having to remove the rubber cover. A new type of battery charger, which either can be mounted on a wall or be used flat on a surface, will be enclosed with the transmitter.