Tele Radio Unveils Tiger Remote Control System

The new Tiger system from Tele Radio, North Miami, Fla., was introduced in Europe this spring, and will be available for sales beginning in September. Developed for radio remote control of lifting applications, such as cranes, EOT cranes and hoists, it is made for use where a duplex function is required.

The Tele Radio system, certified in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association, is designed to be secure and safe in stopping function. Two specifically chosen relays in the receiver can be programmed to obtain an even higher function security. If needed, they can be used as standard/function relays, according to product materials. The system offers a number of configuration alternatives, including one which allows each user to log in with a specific RFID tag to start the system.

The company designed the system software for easy modification and adaptation to customer requirements and needs. Tiger transmits on 433-434 MHz with 69 channels. The system’s handheld transmitters are available in models with 10x2 functions and display, or 12x2 functions without display. The joystick transmitter has (x, y) (2, 2) + (0, 2) functions and display, as well as (x, y) (4, 4) + (0, 4) functions without display.

The user receives feedback from the application via transmitter display. The transmitter’s LEDs also indicate that communication between the transmitter and receiver is working. A horn, equipped on the entire line of Tiger transmitters, warns for both low-battery level and errors.

Tiger receivers are designed to communicate with one or several external units via Modbus. Tele Radio will offer the receivers in two variants with 12 function relays: One with CANopen and one without. The receivers will also be available with 28 function relays, and all units have two relays for the Stop function and two with increased security, supervised by three processors. The power supply of the receivers are 12-350V AC/DC or 24-230V AC.