Terex to Exhibit New Product Line-Up at ConExpo


Terex Cranes, Zweibrücken, Germany, will be exhibiting seven cranes at ConExpo 2011, including three new boom truck and truck crane models designed for the specific needs of North American customers. Live product demonstrations at the Terex booth will showcase both the new products and significant improvements to the others on display with the goal of helping customers become more productive and profitable. Terex’s new Crossover 6000 boom truck is easily configurable for road transport in all 50 states.

The Crossover 6000 offers a 110-foot (33.5-meter) maximum boom length and 170-foot (51.6-meter) maximum system length, providing excellent lifting performance across all configurations at all lifting radii. This totally new Crossover boom truck model provides efficient, reliable service for long hours on the jobsite. Its maximum lifting capacity is 60 tons (54 tonnes).

The new T 100 truck crane features an innovative, ergonomic cab designed for exceptional working comfort, combined with heavy lifting power and highway mobility. It is easily configurable for road transport in all 50 states. Capable of heavy lifts of up to 100 tons (90 tonnes), it is equipped with a 164.5-foot (50-meter) boom for a maximum system length of 242.8 feet (74 meter). This new model offers capacities across all configurations at all lifting radii, according to Terex. 

The RT 100 rough-terrain crane has been updated with an extra long 174-foot (53-meter) boom allowing lifts of up to 100 tons (90 tonnes) without the need for jib extensions or inserts. Providing excellent ground clearance and three-mode steering, its optimized 223-foot (68-meter) system length and compact footprint provide maneuverability to work even on the roughest terrain. Conveniently equipped with a new self-removing counterweight, this updated RT is easily adaptable for road transport.

Terex’s new BT 28106 boom truck offers lifting capacities up to 28 tons (25.4 tonnes) and is equipped with a 106-foot (32.3-meter) boom for a maximum system length of 162 feet (49.4 meter).  Offering behind-the-cab mounting with dual operator control with 370degree non-continuous rotation without the use of a front outrigger, the crane is equipped with an electronic load moment indicator with work area definition. This new boom truck combines the advantages of light lifting performance with increased versatility, operator comfort, and safety.

Terex will also show the 400-ton capacity class AC 350/6 all-terrain crane; the 165-ton HC 165 hydraulic crawler; and the SK 415-20 tower crane, equipped with the new EVO15 cab and offering a new maximum jib length of 262.4 feet (80 meter).