Terex Utilities Hosts Hands-On Training | Construction News


More than 40 people from around the world, including participants from Australia, Brazil, Chile, Peru and the United States, recently attended Terex Utilities’ 37th annual Hands-On Training seminar at the company’s facilities in Watertown, S.D.

Representing 30 companies, the participants of this year’s three-day hands-on event gained valuable training on proper operation and application of Terex digger derricks, aerial devices, and auger drills.

“Our annual Hands On Training program has truly evolved over the years,” says Ken Vlasman, customer service manager, Terex Utilities. “The program provides essential training on the operation and application of all the essential equipment utility contractors operate, from Terex digger derricks and aerial devices to cable placers and auger drills."

Vlasman said that Terex designed the event specifically to help customers and distributor personnel understand proper operation of the equipment. "In recent years, we’ve expanded the program to include support equipment offered by other Terex companies, including backhoe loaders and excavators," said Vlasman.

The 2015 event's attendees, who include fleet managers, engineers, safety managers and administrators, vehicle supervisors, shop managers, linemen, and mechanics, rotated through six training stations.

Each station taught participants more about the equipment. As weather permitted, participants also could perform actual jobs with the equipment at Terex Utilities’ outdoor training facility under the supervision of Terex trainers.

“Whether an attendee’s job is behind a desk or working around energized power lines,” added Vlasman, “all of our Hands On Training participants learned the most effective ways complete various jobsite tasks, as well as gained an understanding of best practices, work methods and safety procedures.”

In addition, the trainers demonstrated other operations and procedures not covered in the six stations, including pole-removal techniques, lifting with a multi-part winch line, and proper equipment setup. Work concepts, such as the company’s Work Zone Capacity standard for specifying digger derricks, and the introduction of new products such as the General 80 digger derrick with fiberglass 4th section, were also integrated into this year’s event.

More information will be available in the future at http://www.terex.com/utilities/en/service-support/training/index.

Customers can request customized training at their own facilities or take advantage of The Edge, Terex Utilities’ online training university.