Two Products Added to Field ID Family

N4 Systems Inc., Toronto, Ontario, has introduced two additional Field ID products to its family of RFID-enabled inspection, safety, and maintenance software solutions. Now available is Field ID for manufacturers and for site safety applications.

Field ID Manufacturer allows companies to trace the products they make from the point of manufacture, through distribution, to end users. Using RFID technology, manufacturers can collect data on the date of manufacture, batch numbers, and manufacturing certificates. Once the product is in the field, its performance can be assessed, allowing the manufacturer to improve products based on users' needs.

Field ID Manufacturer can also be used to simplify product registration by allowing users to select products online or from a handheld device, filtering by product types, models, and attributes. In turn, the software helps reduce liability. Warnings, product updates, and recall information can be sent easily and efficiently.

Field ID Site Safety can be used to tell safety managers whether a work site is in compliance with regulations, and if not, where to focus their energies on improving compliance. Using Field ID's safety scoring technology, managers can measure their site against industry benchmarks or against different sites in their own organization.

Using the Field ID Safety Network, safety managers are connected to each party involved in the safety compliance process, including manufacturers, distributors, inspectors, and end users.

“Organizations require safety traceability, not only for compliance, but to provide a safer workplace,” said Shaun Ricci, COO of N4 Systems. “The problem inherent with traditional safety compliance management is the unmanageable paper trail. The Field ID Safety Network connects all parties so that the management of all this paperwork is automated, electronic, and error free.”

Other products in the Field ID family are designed for inspection and for distributors.

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