Workshop to Focus on Current Events and Timeless Topics

The Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) will hold its Crane & Rigging Workshop September 22-24, 2010 in San Diego, Calif. Of the 10 educational sessions, at least three of them will focus on current events affecting crane users and owners. Other topics touch on rigging, business issues, and safety. In addition, several receptions and an exhibit center provide added value. Highlights of three current events sessions follow. Go to to register for the workshop.

• Effective July 2010, changes to the European Standard, EN13000:2010 affect mobile cranes entering the European Market. These changes include the relocation of the override key, reduction of operating to 15 percent when in an override situation and Rated Capacity Limiters (RCLs). Ron Schad, Essex Crane Rental Corp., and Robert Weiss, Cranes, Inc., will review the recent amendment (EN13000:2010) and explain why SC&RA has sought modifications to the standard.

• In August 2009, a notice of regulatory guidance was issued recognizing mobile cranes operating in interstate commerce as commercial motor vehicles (CMV), therefore making them subject to the new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations. Daniel Erwin of Southern Industrial Constructors/Southern Crane will help crane owners understand how they will be affected by the CSA 2010 program.

• A panel discussion with crane manufacturer representatives presents crane buyers and operators with an opportunity to ask questions about the future of crane design. Attendees are encouraged to submit questions for the panel at the following link.