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Part Two: Personal Fall Arrest Systems as Fall Protection on Scaffolds

Date: 29-03-2013 / Author: kparrish

In many cases, a personal fall arrest system (PFAS) will the type of fall protection system used on a scaffold. The user might implement a PFAS if guardrails are not present, such as an area where material is being loaded onto the scaffold. A PFAS might also be used in addition to the guardrails as a backup system.

Access and Safety Solution Manufacturer Spider Introduces SpiderRail

Date: 26-03-2013 / Author: kparrish

Spider, a division of SafeWorks, LLC, announces SpiderRail- a temporary, non-penetrating guardrail system used to protect workers from fall hazards in the restoration, new construction, and process industries.

Personnel and Material Elevators in the Spotlight

Date: 25-03-2013 / Author: kparrish

Talk about pressure. When Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is doing spontaneous fly-overs of the project you’re working on, ensuring that the job is on schedule, within

The SAIA/OSHA Alliance Works to Create Common Ground

Date: 22-03-2013 / Author: kparrish

The purpose of SAIA’s alliance with OSHA is to provide: “Information, guidance, and access to training resources that focus on reducing safety and health hazards associated with the use of mast-climbing, scaffolding and aerial lift equipment. In particular, the alliance will address reducing and preventing exposure to fall and caught-inbetween hazards.”

Part One: Fall Protection on Completed Scaffolds

Date: 28-02-2013 / Author: kparrish

Determining the type of fall protection system used on scaffolds is complex for many reasons. Points to consider include their  varying types, utilized locations, strength of components, availability of personal fall arrest system anchorage points, and requirements on already completed versus to-be-erected scaffolds, to name a few.

New Scaffold Tag Software Continues to Challenge Paper/Manual Processes

Date: 28-02-2013 / Author: kparrish

Avontus Software, used by scaffold companies worldwide in managing residential, commercial, and industrial jobs, has released Quantify 2013, the latest version of their scaffold management suite. One of the new features is the intelligent Scaffold Tag (QR code) that customers can work into their existing processes.

Oerlikon Fairfield Assigned Patent for Electric Wheel Drive

Date: 27-02-2013 / Author: kparrish

Oerlikon Fairfield, Lafayette, Ind., has received a patent for the development of an integrated spindle-carrier electric wheel drive. The E01S drive features a 1.2kW AC induction motor, a 26.6:1 compact double planetary gearbox, and a spring-applied electrically released brake.