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Part Two: Personal Fall Arrest Systems as Fall Protection on Scaffolds

Date: 29-03-2013 / Author: kparrish

In many cases, a personal fall arrest system (PFAS) will the type of fall protection system used on a scaffold. The user might implement a PFAS if guardrails are not present, such as an area where material is being loaded onto the scaffold. A PFAS might also be used in addition to the guardrails as a backup system.

Access and Safety Solution Manufacturer Spider Introduces SpiderRail

Date: 26-03-2013 / Author: kparrish

Spider, a division of SafeWorks, LLC, announces SpiderRail- a temporary, non-penetrating guardrail system used to protect workers from fall hazards in the restoration, new construction, and process industries.

Personnel and Material Elevators in the Spotlight

Date: 25-03-2013 / Author: kparrish

Talk about pressure. When Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is doing spontaneous fly-overs of the project you’re working on, ensuring that the job is on schedule, within

The SAIA/OSHA Alliance Works to Create Common Ground

Date: 22-03-2013 / Author: kparrish

The purpose of SAIA’s alliance with OSHA is to provide: “Information, guidance, and access to training resources that focus on reducing safety and health hazards associated with the use of mast-climbing, scaffolding and aerial lift equipment. In particular, the alliance will address reducing and preventing exposure to fall and caught-inbetween hazards.”