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Able Equipment Adds 170-ft. Atrium Lift to Rental Fleet

Date: 29-06-2016 / Author: mlarson

Able Equipment Rental has added North America’s first ReachMaster Falcon FS170T atrium lift to its rental fleet.

Billed as the world’s tallest compact lift, the FS170T offers 170’7” working height (166’0” to the bottom of the platform), up to 52’6” of horizontal reach, and 440-lb. platform capacity from an electrically powered, rubber-tracked rig that fits through a standard double doorway.

Genie Introduces New Dual- and Tri-Entry Platforms

Date: 16-03-2016 / Author: mlarson

Genie has simplified the way boom-lift users can enter and exit the platform.

New 8-ft. platforms for Genie boom lifts offer three entry points, and new 6-ft. platforms offer two.

The side swing gate allows users to walk or out easily even when wearing a tool belt, carrying a tool box, or needing to load materials onto the platform. Sliding mid-rail entrances in the front and sides of the platform offer alternative entry and exit points to accommodate changing worksite conditions.

Skyjack Unveiled Three New Machines at The Rental Show

Date: 24-02-2016 / Author: kparrish
skyjack boom lift
skyjack boom lift

Skyjack unveiled three new products this week at The Rental Show, including the SJIII 4740 DC electric scissor lift, the SJ30 ARJE articulating boom with rotating jib, and the SJ1056 TH telehandler at The Rental Show.

Leppo Rents Raises Breast Cancer, Autism Awareness with Boom Lifts

Date: 02-12-2015 / Author: kparrish
jlg boom lift
jlg boom lift

Leppo Rents, Akron, Ohio, is raising awareness for breast cancer and autism with its two painted JLG boom lifts. Celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2015, Leppo Rents has six locations and serves industries in northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania. The company is giving back to these communities by offering the 86-foot pink and yellow boom lifts for rent.

The theme for the pink Breast Cancer boom lift is “Fight like a girl,” while the yellow Autism boom lift reads, “Autism Awareness”. These messages are highly visible on the machines.