Electric Boom Lift

The HA61 LE PRO is the first model in Haulotte’s Pulseo line, which debuted at Intermat in April. Due to its quiet electric design, the HA61 LE PRO can operate in both indoor and outdoor applications, and it’s ideal for low-emission and low-noise environments. The Pulseo line also incorporates Haulotte’s latest safety innovations, including the Activ Shield Bar 2.0, the Activ Lighting System, and the Activ Energy Management System.

Battery Additive Can Help Save Costs

Date: 06-12-2012 / Author: kparrish

When a lead-acid battery’s posts corrode, damage can spread like cancer through the aerial lift’s electrical components. The corrosion destroys the battery cables and weakens the battery. As the voltage drops, the amps increase, impairing the machine’s switches and relays. If you want your electric boom or scissor lift to remain in prime condition, keeping the batteries healthy is sage advice that seasoned service technicians give.