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Snorkel Telehandler Arrives on the Scene

Date: 25-02-2015 / Author: kparrish
snorkel forklift

A number of new products from Snorkel made their introduction at The Rental Show this week, including its first-ever telescopic handler.

The Snorkel SR5919 is the first model in the company's line of RT telehandlers. It can lift up to 5,900 lbs., and it has a 19-ft, maximum lift height and an 11-ft. maximum forward reach. Overall, the unit measures 71 in. wide and 6'7" tall. Ground clearance is 10.8 in., and the machine has an 11-ft. turning radius.

Forklift Built for Pipe Yard Handling

Date: 13-08-2013 / Author: kparrish

The 125-year-old J.O. Galloup Co., Battle Creek, Mich., distributes industrial pipes, valves, fittings, and other plumbing, heating, and ventilation products throughout the Midwest.

Since taking delivery of its first Harlo HP8500 rough terrain forklift nearly two years ago, Galloup has come to prefer it for handling industrial pipe, thanks to its rugged design and simple maintenance.

JLG's G12-55A telescopic handler offers 12,000-lb. maximum capacity with outriggers down or up. With outrigger support, the JLG forklift operator can lift 5,000 lbs. to its full 55-ft. maximum height, or provide 42-ft. forward reach with 3,500-lb. capacity. On tires alone, the JLG telehandler can lift 4,000 lbs. to a height of 55 ft., or 500 lbs. at 37-ft. forward reach.

JCB's 510-56 Loadall telescopic handler offers 10,000-lb. maximum capacity, as well as the option of lifting on tires or with front-mounted stabilizers. With stabilizer support, the JCB telehandler can lift 4,000 lbs. to its full 56-ft. height, or provide 42-ft. forward reach with 3,000-lb. capacity. On tires alone, the JCB 510-56 forklift can lift 3,000 lbs. to a height of 52 ft. or 300 lbs. at 42-ft. forward reach.

The highest-capacity telescopic handler featured in the 2012 Lift and Access Showcase walkarounds was Xtreme Manufacturing's XR3034. Designed as a pick-and-carry telehandler, it does not have outriggers, so all capacities are on rubber. The forklift operator can lift the Xtreme telehandler's maximum capacity of 30,000 lbs. to a height of 27 ft., or lift 12,000 lbs. to its maximum lift height of 34 ft. The forklift will handle that same 12,000 lbs. at its maximum forward reach of 17'6".