Air-Tow Unveils Enclose Drop-Deck Trailer

Air-Tow Unveils Enclose Drop-Deck Trailer

Rock Line Products Inc. manufactures three enclosed Airtow Trailer models that address many loading, safety and cargo protection concerns.

Built with a heavy-duty but lightweight enclosure that's made with galvanized Z-bars, sturdy siding, and heavy-duty, cam-lock doors, the enclosed Airtow trailer serves as a mobile vault for your equipment or cargo.

The extra wide 3/16" steel deck remains level as it raises and lowers hydraulically in less than 15 seconds. Loading all types of equipment becomes a safe one-person job in any weather since tilt beds and loading ramps are eliminated.

Airtow Trailers feature exclusive, fully-automatic, self-adjusting air suspension with air-float swing-arm axles that pivot on extra-large tapered roller bearings and ride on super-soft Firestone air bags. This keeps the wheels locked into a vertical plane of movement and running true, eliminating both uneven tire wear and premature tire failure. The system not only adjusts to match the weight you’re carrying, it also compensates for side to side weight differences. This extremely smooth ride not only protects the equipment you're hauling but the tow vehicle as well.

There are 20+ models in 5 styles from which to choose: Flatbed, Utility, Dump, Enclosed and Gooseneck with lengths from 8' to 16' and load capacities from 2,000 to 12,000 lbs.


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