All Access Equipment Introduces New CMC Compact Lift

CMC 60HD compact lift

All Access Equipment introduced the 2019 CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro lift with new features and controls that enhance productivity.

The 60HD+ Arbor Pro now comes equipped standard with wireless radio remote controls for all operations, including track driving, outrigger setup, and operating the booms, that can be controlled from the basket.

The radio remote also doubles as the basket boom control station. The new control system allows the operator to drive the lift from the basket, as well as deploy the outriggers, utilizing the new automatic chassis leveling system. This saves time over the previous model, which required the operator to park the booms, descend from the basket, switch modes, manually operate the outrigger levers, switch modes again, drive the lift to the next destination, switch modes, manually operate the outrigger controls, spend time leveling the chassis, then switch modes again, re-enter the basket, and operate the lift.

A Kubota Z602-E3B diesel engine replaces the previous HATZ diesel engine and provides 17 hp.

The new CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro still shares the original chassis and outrigger system with its compact footprint for a 60-ft. lift. With 62 ft. working height, up to 38 ft. of lateral reach, a compact width of 35 in., and weight of 6,700 lbs., this nimble lift can enter and work in the tightest work areas.

The CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro is part of the “Arbor Pro” series, designed specifically for the American tree care market, similarly to the 83HD+ Arbor Pro, and the new 72HD+ Arbor Pro.

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