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All Access Equipment Introduces Patent Pending Track Lift Truck Mount and Transport Deck

All Access Equipment Introduces Patent Pending Track Lift Truck Mount and Transport Deck

All Access Equipment/CMC has developed a new truck mount system that allows a CMC tracked lift (up to 100’ working height) to operate as both a self-propelled lift that can drive through a 36” gate, and also as a rear-mount forestry bucket truck/rear-mount aerial lift on an under-CDL truck, such as a Ford F550/F600.

This system provides a practical and cost-effective, “two lifts for the price of one” solution for contractors who need more versatility from their equipment.

The All Access Equipment patent-pending track lift truck mount & transport deck (#63424094 20221109 and #63357126 20220630 patent pending for both the U.S. and Canada), enables fast and easy equipment transportation, in addition to allowing for use of the aerial work platform directly from the rear of the truck.

According to the company, the product was developed over a number of years and the final design  was refined to be lighter and simpler – and priced at a fraction of the cost of multi-component equipment.

Many very serious injuries occur to workers while climbing on/off/into high, truck-mounted aerial work platforms.

All Access states, "This certified and proven truck mount system meets and exceeds both OSHA and DOT safety standards by providing a new and safer way to enter an aerial work platform without the need to climb up/down the top of a truck with unprotected cab guards."

This new patent-pending system provides the ability for workers to remain on safer solid ground, including basket egress. 

The company says that customers that are interested in adding an All Access Equipment track lift truck mount and transport deck to their fleet can contact All Access Equipment/CMC directly.

Customers can choose to have their entire fleet upfitted, purchase the patent-pending track lift truck mount & transport deck kit and install it independently, or have one of the company's dealer-partners install the tracked lift truck mount.

For further information and detailed specifications, visit the company’s website.

All Access/CMC also says that anyone wanting pricing information can fill out this form.


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