Aquatarium Learning Center Adds Skyjack SJ16 to Aid with Maintenance

Aquatarium Learning Center Adds Skyjack SJ16 to Aid with Maintenance

Skyjack recently partnered with Ontario-based Ontario Rental Supply (ORS) to donate an aerial work platform to the non-profit Aquatarium in Brockville, Ontario. The Aquatarium is an experiential learning center featuring fish and other aquatic animals and plants set to open in the fall of 2015. As part of Skyjack’s 30 for 30 Partners campaign, which celebrates the company’s 30th business anniversary, the center received an SJ16 vertical mast lift

Bill Rogerson, executive director of the Aquatarium, said: “We are using it to install light fixtures, wiring, and audio visual equipment. Once we open it’ll be used to help maintain those technologies.”

Not all of its uses have been run of the mill. The SJ16 was employed to help mount a Beluga whale fossil at 19 ft. According to Rogerson, the Beluga whale could be found 10,000 years ago just 50 miles from Brockville in the St. Lawrence River.

“We have a busy exhibit space,” Rogersaon said, and the SJ16’s easy maneuverability and ability to extend the platform over some areas is helpful in the Aquatarium. “Another huge bonus is that we can fit it in the elevator. While the bulk of the installations are on the third floor, we’ll need to use it on the first floor as well.”

ORS matched Skyjack’s contribution and helped deliver the SJ16 to the Aquatarium. “Like Skyjack, we believe in giving back to the communities that have supported us,” said Pat Kelahear, general manager at ORS Rents. “We are happy to be a partner with Skyjack on such a good cause and look forward to the Aquatarium opening in Brockville in fall.”


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