ARA Introduces New Name for Rental Show, Updates Brand Identity

New ARA logo

MOLINE, Ill. — The American Rental Association (ARA) unveiled a refreshed brand identity to reflect the evolution of the equipment and event rental industry and announced a new name for The Rental Show, which will now be called The ARA Show.

The changes are part of an extensive branding initiative—the first in more than 40 years—designed to better serve the association’s members, which represent a community of equipment and event rental professionals.

“In order to effectively support this ever-changing and growing industry, we knew we needed to modernize our brand and our communications,” said Tony Conant, ARA CEO. “As more second-, third- and fourth-generation owners get involved and the large national companies expand, it was necessary for us to evaluate the association’s role and determine how we can best support the industry. This is one step toward enhancing our relevance and value to all who are part of this unique rental community.”

The ARA Brand Committee, formed through board approval in 2017, guided the association through the rebranding process. Committee members represented all three segments of the equipment and event rental industry. The goal was to create a cohesive family of brand marks that would work and read well in all facets of communications, represent the entire rental industry, and speak to the values of the young professionals and future leaders of the association.

The rebranding process also led to a new positioning statement for the association, which is “Advancing the equipment and event rental community.”

“Our previous identity recognized the members who specialize in equipment rental, but it didn’t specifically speak to those in the party and event segment,” Conant said. “Furthermore, the term ‘community’ is an accurate reflection of who we are as rental professionals and how we operate, like a community of helpful, like-minded people.”

All facets of the association’s identity were evaluated during the rebranding process. Updates include new logos for ARA Insurance, ARA Foundation, Rental Management, and the industry’s annual trade show and convention.

During the research, the committee learned that ARA members didn’t feel that the name “The Rental Show” was closely aligned with the association, and it lacked brand equity. Effective with the rebrand, the new name and accompanying logo for the industry’s premier event is The ARA Show.

“We’re focused on continuing the development of the association with a brand update that builds on our rich history of a of being a unique platform where rental professionals can learn, share ideas and give back to our industry,” Conant said.

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