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Bigger Telescopic Boom Lifts Highlight Skyjack's Goals to Reach Higher

Bigger Telescopic Boom Lifts Highlight Skyjack's Goals to Reach Higher
Bigger Telescopic Boom Lifts Highlight Skyjack's Goals to Reach Higher

Skyjack introduced the largest telescopic booms in its product line this week at The Rental Show.

The SJ86T features an 86 ft. platform height with a jib  that rotates +65 degrees/-60 degrees and has a horizontal outreach of 76'10". The jibless unit, the SJ82T, has an 82-ft. platform height and 72'6" outreach. 

Both models feature a 36"x96" platform and have an unrestricted platform capacity of 500 lbs. Restricted platform capacity on the SJ82 T is 1,000 lbs, while the SJ86 T has a 750-lb. restricted capacity. The default on both models is restricted capacity. Lights on the control boxes on the base and platform indicate which zone operator can be in. Once the platform reaches the restricted area, the amber light flashes to notify the operator they have reached the limit of the restricted area. The operator then must switch the toggle to the restricted capacity before moving into that zone.

The new telescopic booms share components with other Skyjack machines, including the axles, relay-based control systems, fiberglass cowlings, and modular platform railings. This allows customers to carry a smaller inventory of parts. 

Trouble shooting and maintenance is made easy through the use of the SkyCoded color-coded and numbered wiring system. Repairs are also cost effective due to the use of “off the shelf” components as opposed to custom designs. Using an analog-based control system allows Skyjack AWPs to operate using a simplified system with less expensive components, which translates to less maintenance and lower costs.

AxlDrive, Skyjack’s exclusive mechanical axle-based drive system, uses an automatic locking differential on the back axle and non-spin and limited slip front differential on the front axle. This means the boom lifts machines can climb grades of up to 45%.

Additionally, the EasyDrive boom feature orients the boom lift controls with the operator, regardless of the position of the turret over the chassis. The EasyDrive system reduces operator confusion by eliminating the need for color coded arrows to determine drive versus joystick direction.


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