BKT Launches Two New Tires for Forklifts

BKT Forklift
Tire manufacturer BKT has launched two new models of its Maglift tires, a line designed specifically for forklifts: Maglift Eco and Maglift Premium. Maglift Eco is made with two layers of rubber compound and has a special shape and very wide lugs to guarantee outstanding stability and excellent load distribution. Its distinctive features also include a rim guard designed to protect against damage and denting. Low resistance to rolling and high resistance to overheating guarantee maximum efficiency. Steel wires in the hitch deliver a very secure grip and prevent risk of slippage. Two versions are available: standard and “LIP,” which has an asymmetric hitch to avoid having to add flanges. Maglift Premium is designed for forklifts used in the toughest operations. Its extra-deep tread guarantees long life. The tread design is both robust and aggressive in order to give excellent steering control and great forward and lateral traction. Central grooving ensures low rolling resistance. It’s available in both standard and “LIP” versions. All Maglift models offer excellent load distribution, stability, safety, and high capacity — essential for forklifts. Also, Maglift tires combine tough outer rubber that resists cuts and wear, with softer rubber in the central part of the tire to deliver a comfortable ride. Maglift tires also come in a non-marking version that leaves floors perfectly clean. It is specifically for logistical and production facilities in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, where maximum hygiene is necessary. Maglift tires are now available in 23 sizes.