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Bluelift ST 31 is First in Ruthmann’s New Generation of Compact Tracked Lifts

Bluelift ST 31 is First in Ruthmann’s New Generation of Compact Tracked Lifts

Ruthmann has rolled out the first model in its new generation of compact tracked lifts.

Ruthmann introduced the new 101.7’ model, named the Bluelift ST 31, at Platformers‘ Days in Karlsruhe, Germany, during September.

The new rubber-tracked platform can reach up 101.7’, or reach out as much as 59’ horizontally with 220 lbs. in the platform, or reach out 45.9’ with 440 lbs. 

The Bluelift ST 31 now also features proven Steiger boom and telescoping technology from Ruthmann’s premium Steiger T 330 big lift. 

The Bluelift ST 31 reaches far but travels in a compact package when stowed. Its width for travel is just under 45” and its stowed height is just 78”.

The rubber-tracked chassis can be extended hydraulically for a track width of 5.3’ for improved stability on uneven or sloping terrain.

The Bluelift ST 31 is 24’6” long without basket and 25’7” with basket.

Universally Usable

The variable asymmetric stabilization with a jack lift of  4’5” enables diverse applications on steep terrain, stairs, or other uneven locations. The jacks can be adapted in several positions to fit into confined spaces. The stabilization range is 11’ x 27’ in the narrowest position and 27’2” x 19’ in the widest one.

Power comes from either a diesel engine or optional 230V electric engine.

Plenty of space

Users can choose between two aluminum baskets that can be changed by one person in a few minutes, thanks to quick locks.

The smaller, standard, basket is 4’3” 2’3”. The larger basket is 5’11” x 2’7”. Each is 3’7” high.

The Bluelift ST 31 lifts up to 881 lbs. and can handle up to 705 lbs. at its 101.7’ full working height. The platform can be rotated 180° to put workers in the best position. 

When the machine is stowed for transport, the platform can be rotated to help the ST 31 pass through tight spaces.

Optimum Control Box

The new, highly optimized Bluelift control box is used for the first time on the ST 31. 

Its new, large, color display offers the operator a complete overview of all relevant operating data. The control elements now also offer the operator sensitive and precise platform control, and safety has also been optimized.


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