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Bobcat Unveils Compact 5,500-lb.-Capacity Telescopic Tool Carrier

Bobcat Unveils Compact 5,500-lb.-Capacity Telescopic Tool Carrier
Bobcat Unveils Compact 5,500-lb.-Capacity Telescopic Tool Carrier
Bobcat Unveils Compact 5,500-lb.-Capacity Telescopic Tool Carrier
Bobcat Unveils Compact 5,500-lb.-Capacity Telescopic Tool Carrier
Bobcat Unveils Compact 5,500-lb.-Capacity Telescopic Tool Carrier

Bobcat Company has introduced the V519 VersaHANDLER telescopic tool carrier for applications that require a compact machine that can reach forward more than 10 ft., reach up 19 ft., and lift up to 5,500 lbs.

The V519 builds on the success of prior Bobcat telescopic tool carriers — also known as telehandlers — and features industry-leading performance, operator comfort, visibility, and controls, plus the exclusive Bob-Tach attachment-mounting system to increase utilization.

Designed with a standard two-speed hydrostatic drive system, the V519 is well suited to operate standard and hydraulically powered attachments.

As the operator lifts his or her foot off the pedal, the machine comes to a stop. In addition, the automatic parking brake engages anytime the engine idles when the machine is stopped (in neutral) — an exclusive feature of the V519 — to avoid unintentional movement.

When a task needs full auxiliary hydraulic flow but not full travel speed, the speed-management feature lets the operator dial in a percentage of the normal speed. The operator can adjust the travel speed with convenient plus and minus buttons on the joystick. The feature helps operators using hydraulically powered attachments, such as angle brooms and snowblowers.

The popular Bob-Tach attachment mounting system, available for the first time in a Bobcat telescopic tool carrier of this size, provides a mechanism for quick attachment changes.

An exclusive, full-function joystick sets the V519 apart from other telehandlers, allowing operators to stay focused on the task in front of them.

The V519 joystick features include:
Travel direction switch: Change direction with ease
Boom up and down: Adjust to meet height needs
Carriage tilt: Tilt a bucket or pallet fork frame
Auxiliary control: Fine-tune hydraulic flow with the outside thumb roller switch
Extension function: Telescope the two-stage boom in and out

Attachments increase versatility
Like other Bobcat compact equipment, the V519 is a versatile attachment carrier and is approved for use with a number of standard and hydraulically powered Bobcat attachments.

Bobcat attachments requiring auxiliary hydraulics easily connect to the V519 with a Bobcat loader-style hydraulic coupler block with an electrical connector.

The coupler block is well protected to minimize downtime and includes a seven-pin attachment-control harness to activate power and fingertip control functions.

The V519 can use these Bobcat attachments:
Angle boom
Auger mounting frame
Augers: direct drive and planetary drive
Bale fork
Buckets: 84- and 88-inch heavy-duty construction/industrial
Combination bucket
Flail cutter
Industrial fork and grapple
Pallet fork, floating
Pallet fork frame, heavy-duty
Rock bucket
Root grapple
Snow and light material bucket
Snow blade, heavy-duty
Snow bucket
Snow pusher
Soil conditioner
Truss boom

Cab comfort
An enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning is standard, minimizing dirt and dust inside the operating area and keeping the operator refreshed through the work day. Automotive-style vents enhance comfort by letting the operator point the air where he or she wants it.

Operators can adjust the steering column with the tilt steering feature to meet their desired height. In addition, the standard cloth-upholstered suspension seat adjusts three ways for maximum operator comfort.

A familiar Bobcat display panel resembles the panel in Bobcat compact loaders and compact excavators. The panel displays common items such as a job clock, fuel level, service clock, engine coolant temperature, and hour meter. An optional keyless start system (kit) is available for the V519 to deter theft and unauthorized use.

For enhanced performance and productivity, the V519 comes standard with turn signals, road lights, and work lights. Right and left side mirrors, as well as front, top and rear windshield wipers enhance visibility. A backup alarm is standard to alert workers and bystanders when the V519 is in reverse.

Market segments
Telescopic tool carriers are commonly found in a variety of market segments including agriculture, construction, grounds maintenance, landscaping, and rental.

In construction applications, the machines can lift and carry more material than smaller compact loaders. The machine’s forward reach and lifting height make it ideal for lifting and placing palletized building materials.

Grounds maintenance and landscaping professionals use telescopic tool carriers year-round, from removing snow in winter to lifting, carrying and placing landscaping materials in spring, summer, and fall. The 19-ft. lifting height makes the V519 an attractive machine for piling snow or loading it into trucks.

Ease of maintenance
V519 telescopic tool carrier operators can get easy access to routine maintenance items through the side engine cover and rear access panel, including engine oil and fuel filters, engine oil dipstick and drain, air cleaner, alternator, cooling system, air-conditioning compressor, starter, and battery.

V519 owners can lock the engine cover to prevent unauthorized access, and the engine cover is equipped to stay open during servicing. A screen in the engine cover helps prevent large debris from entering the engine basket and plugging the radiator.

The V519’s cooling system cores — radiator, charge air cooler, and hydraulic oil cooler — are mounted side by side for maximum flow-through, minimized cleaning, and increased protection. A reversing cooling fan kit is available for applications that may require removing debris more frequently from the cooling system.

Proven Bobcat diesel power
The 74-hp Bobcat D34 diesel engine meets Tier 4 emission standards without a diesel particulate filter (DPF). Similar to Bobcat compact loaders under 74 hp, the diesel engine utilizes a high-pressure common-rail fuel system and a maintenance-free diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). An economy mode or “eco-mode” is available to reduce fuel consumption in applications that do not require as much power, such as light grading.

Customization options
V519 operators can customize their telescopic tool carrier to fit their individual needs with up to eight kits available from local Bobcat compact equipment dealers:

Engine block heater kit
Fire extinguisher kit
Front and top window guard kit
Keyless start kit
Rear mirror kit
Reversing fan kit
Rotating beacon kit
Work light kit (boom-mounted)

Quick Specs:
Horsepower: 74 hp (55.2 kW) non-DPF turbocharged Bobcat diesel engine
Operating weight: 11,001 lb. (4,990 kg)
Maximum rated capacity: 5,500 lb. (2,495 kg)
Maximum load at full height: 5,500 lb. (2,495 kg)
Maximum load at full reach: 2,205 lb. (1,000 kg)
Maximum lift height (two-stage boom): 19 ft. (5,791 mm)
Maximum reach: 10 ft. 3 in. (3,124 mm)
Width: 6 ft. 10 in. (2,083 mm)
Height: 6 ft. 10 in. (2,083 mm)
Auxiliary hydraulic flow: 21.1 gpm (80 l/min)
Travel speeds (low / high): 4.7 / 18.3 mph (7.6 / 29.5 km/hr)
Three steering modes: Front wheel, all-wheel and crab



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