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Branching into Efficiency - ​Magni’s rotating telehandlers demonstrate remarkable capabilities in the world of tree care.

Branching into Efficiency - ​Magni’s rotating telehandlers demonstrate remarkable capabilities in the world of tree care.
Branching into Efficiency - ​Magni’s rotating telehandlers demonstrate remarkable capabilities in the world of tree care.
Branching into Efficiency - ​Magni’s rotating telehandlers demonstrate remarkable capabilities in the world of tree care.
Branching into Efficiency - ​Magni’s rotating telehandlers demonstrate remarkable capabilities in the world of tree care.

By Katie Holt

In today’s fast-paced world, new technologies and machinery are constantly emerging. In recent years, the tree care industry has witnessed significant changes due to the introduction of new technologies and machinery. Here, advanced equipment is enhancing the way professionals approach their work, improving both safety and efficiency. 

One such example is the Magni rotating telehandler, equipped with a forestry Woodcracker attachment. 


This game-changing machinery is reshaping the industry, as testified by professionals like Rob Rogg of Tree Experts and Dave Hughes of Dave’s Tree Service.

Easy and Light

Rogg is the owner/operator of Tree Experts in Greensboro, North Carolina. He purchased his Magni RTH 6.30 rotating telehandler from Pinnacle Cranes in 2022. 

After operating his Magni for over a year, Rogg cannot overstate the significant benefits it brings to his business. 


The Magni telehandler showcases an impressively compact design. 


Rogg highlighted, “It has such a small turning radius, making it a compact machine that can be maneuvered into tight spaces efficiently.”


In the world of tree care, work environments can differ greatly, ranging from small residential backyards to large commercial parking lots.


Regardless of the setting, the Magni telehandler demonstrates remarkable versatility, enabling safer, faster, and more efficient work. 


Rogg emphasizes the machine’s value in challenging scenarios such as working over power lines or close to structures with limited room for movement. 


“There’s very little deflection in the boom. When you grab a tree or a limb and cut it, it doesn’t drop down like a foot or two. It’s just an inch at most,” he noted.


Tree Tech

But the merits of the Magni equipment don’t stop at its efficient performance - it’s also a significant asset for operator comfort and team composition. 


As Rogg describes, “You don’t necessarily have to have three or four people around to operate this machine.” 


The result of such autonomous operation? “Less liability on the ground, less physical fatigue,” he said, hinting at the significant long-term benefits for the workers.


When it comes to safety considerations, which are paramount in the tree care industry, the Magni telehandler shines with its inbuilt load chart feature on the screen. “It enables you to know how far out you are and how much you can cut and pick at the same time,” Rogg elaborates. This real-time information provides invaluable insight to operators, enabling them to make informed decisions and ensure maximum safety.


For Rogg, the pairing of the Magni telehandler and the Woodcracker attachment not only guarantees safer operations but also offers considerable time savings. He says jobs could be completed up to three times faster using the Magni. 


He also adds a different perspective, stressing,the mental and physical relief that modern machinery brings to this demanding industry.


“It’s not necessarily about the time that it saves. It’s about the energy and the effort.”


While highly satisfied with the Magni telehandler, Rogg offers a small constructive suggestion for further enhancing its efficiency. He proposes the incorporation of a camera system for the Woodcracker attachment. 


This feature would assist with precision in grabbing and cutting, minimizing errors and potential damage.


When asked for advice for other tree care professionals considering Magni telehandlers for their projects, Rogg emphasized the importance of in-depth knowledge of the tree care industry.


“I think it’s really important for you to have a really good understanding of removing trees professionally if you’re considering buying or renting a Magni,” he explained. 


While every machine has its own set of pros and cons, for Rogg and his company, Magni stands out as a valuable asset in the ever-changing and demanding field of tree care.


Game Changer

A similar sentiment is echoed by David Hughes, the owner of Dave’s Tree Service in Rhinebeck, New York. 

Like Rogg, Hughes has turned to the innovative Magni RTH 6.30 rotating telescopic handler with the Woodcracker forestry attachment, a machine he affectionately refers to as ‘the Game Changer.’


“We researched it for a while with the Woodcracker on different ones, and we decided to go with the Magni just because it’s more versatile, and it fit better for us,” Hughes explained. 


For Hughes, the results of this decision have been nothing short of remarkable, leading to significant improvements in efficiency, safety, and client satisfaction.


Hughes vividly illustrates the impact this machine can have by referring to a specific project his team undertook. “We had six locust trees, about 120 feet tall,” he explained. 


According to Hughes, these trees were situated in a challenging location, down an embankment, surrounded by a pool, a baby barn, and the back deck of a house. Traditional tree care methods would have necessitated a three-day job for a large crew.


“With that machine and three guys, we were done in six and a half hours,” Hughes reveals, highlighting the profound efficiency benefits the Magni telehandler brought to the table. 


The machine’s reach and rotation ability were crucial in swiftly executing the task. 


“We cut it, swung it over the pool, over the house, and rotated it 360 degrees. We also took turns feeding the chipper with it,” Hughes said. 


His experience underscores the drastic changes that such machinery can bring to traditional work processes.


Apart from its powerful performance, the Magni RTH 6.30 is lighter compared to traditional cranes, yet it doesn’t compromise on robust lifting capabilities. 


For tree care professionals, this makes it an ideal tool for navigating tight spaces and difficult angles. 


This versatility allows Hughes and his team to deliver excellent results with less effort and time, catering to a wide range of challenging tree care scenarios.


Advanced safety features are another significant advantage of the Magni telehandler. 


“What amazes me about it, it won’t let you cut something that it can’t pick,” Hughes shared. 


This smart functionality prevents overloading, mitigating risk, and enhancing operational safety – a critical factor in tree care operations.

Beyond enhancing efficiency and safety, the Magni RTH 6.30 has also positively impacted Dave’s Tree Service’s financial performance. 


By cutting man-hours and crew size in half, it allows the company to increase profitability while still delivering superior service. 


Hughes also highlights the machine’s thoughtfully designed features, like the glass all the way up above the operator’s station, providing excellent visibility for safer and more accurate operations.


On top of this, Emprie Crane, the dealer for Magni in Hughe’s area, further customized the machine using the Mangi forestry package. 


This package includes protections against sawdust accumulating in
the machine as well as potential debris falling on top, extending the lifespan of the equipment and reinforcing safety.


For other tree care professionals considering the Magni or the Woodcracker attachment, Hughes has one key piece of advice: start small and leverage the technology. 


“That computer is like your best friend. It’ll help you even on jobs that machine is not on.” He further emphasized the importance of understanding tree weights for safer and more efficient operations, a feature facilitated by the Magni’s onboard computer system.


Demonstrated Capabilities

Whether removing a tree from a backyard, clearing a right-of-way area, or cleaning up storm damage, Magni ‘s RTH 6.30 has more than proved it can hang with the best of them when it comes to all things tall, leafy, green, and sturdy. 


Both Rogg and Hughes’ experience with Magni’s telehandler and Woodcracker forestry attachment offers tangible proof of the remarkable improvements in safety, efficiency, and performance that advanced equipment can deliver to the tree care industry. 


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