Clean-Sheet Approach to MEC 60-J Boom Lift's Design

Clean-Sheet Approach to MEC 60-J Boom Lift's Design
Clean-Sheet Approach to MEC 60-J Boom Lift's Design

Confident in its newest product offering, MEC representatives have called its 60-J boom lift a “home run”—and buyers have taken notice. NES Rentals has purchased all diesel-powered units that MEC will build in 2015, and MEC’s booth at The Rental Show last week was buzzing with excitement about the machine.

The 60-J boom lift is a clean-sheet design for MEC, available in either battery-powered or diesel options. A 44-hp Kubota 1505 turbocharged engine is the diesel power source, while the electric machine uses 12 six-volt, 420-Ah batteries. A soon-to-be-available hybrid option will have a generator that automatically senses when the batteries need to be charged. The generator can be set in either auto- or manual-start modes (manual start prevents it from kicking on indoors or in other environments where exhaust is prohibited).

MEC has introduced a roomier platform that measures 8 ft. long and 40 in. wide, allowing two people to more easily move around the basket. Standard platform capacity is 500 lbs. and can be increased to 750 lbs. when working in the restricted range. Three entrances on the platform include a swing gate and two drop bars. For machine operation in the platform, the footswitch has been eliminated so all machine movements are made directly from the control panel.

The boom features a direct-acting telescoping cylinder that requires no chains or cables. Rather than a tube-in-tube design like many other boom products, the 60-J has two boom sections stacked horizontally that lower and raise at the same time (the look is similar to an articulating boom, but the sections do not raise and lower independently). The boom features a 6-ft. jib with 135° range of motion and 180° platform rotation. The turntable swings continuously.

Maximum platform height is 60 ft., and the maximum outreach is 42’8”. The 60-J can be driven at full height. Standard tires are pneumatic, and foam-filled and non-marking options are available.

The full-time, four-wheel drive boom lift can climb grades up to 45%, and the unit produces a top driving speed of 4 mph. An active oscillating axle design allows it to float 5° in each direction, and it locks out at 0.5% to keep the machine stable. Inside turning radius is 6’6”.

When transporting the 60-J, the machine’s stowed length is 30’6” and stowed width is 96 in., allowing two units to be loaded on a truck. Overall height is 100 in. and transport weight is 17,900 lbs.


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