CM Labs Launches New Mobile Training Center

CM Labs Launches New Mobile Training Center

CM Labs Simulations, developer of Vortex training simulators, recently launched the North American release of a Mobile Training Center designed to give companies and training institutions the flexibility to offer training and assessment anywhere.

The Mobile Training Center can offer an on-site presence that reduces team displacement and job site disruption. For community colleges and vocational schools, it can multiply training locations and provide access to markets that were previously out of reach or too remote.

The Mobile Training Center’s complete exterior can be leveraged to create high-impact branded graphics.

The gooseneck trailer comes in 24 ft and 34 ft lengths and accommodates 1 or 2 Vortex simulators from CM Labs, as well as the Instructor Operator Station, from which trainers can monitor, assess, and report on training progress. The trailer can be hitched to a vehicle for transport or set up as a standalone station.

“Bringing training and recruitment to where it’s needed most can be a cost-effective strategy,” explains CM Labs’ VP of Product, Lisa Barbieri. “The combination of our best-in-class-simulators and high-impact messaging gives our customers the means to position themselves leaders in operator safety training and assessment.”

The all-season training environment is equipped with a generator, insulated HVAC cooling, and heating. Included is a breaker panel with a manual power switch to connect to a diesel generator or local grid, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and LED lighting with 3 switch zones. Add-on options include interior storage, bench, awning, and 12kW liquid-cooled diesel generator.

Click here for more information on CM Labs’ Mobile Training Center.


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