Danfoss Updates Programming Platform for Intelligent Control Systems

Danfoss released their latest version of PLUS+1 GUIDE and Service Tool, version 10.1.

The PLUS+1 platform helps overcome programming challenges and time-consuming parts of building intelligent control systems into machines. This platform allows users to leverage engineering expertise to accelerate development.

Version 10.1 features an enhanced screen editor allowing for faster UI creation with the updates to the configure object interface. The STRING data type is now supported for a number of GUIDE components along with debugging and Service Tool support.

The update comes with enhanced security by multiple tool keys in a system. Additional features include enhanced menu structure, PLC interface editing, embed passwords in telematics’ devices, and PLUS+1 interlink. These expand on the PLUS+1 strategy when developing applications.

“All of our versions of PLUS+1 Tools have delivered on the ‘fast, easy, open’ strategy,” said Claes-Goeran Svensson, director of PLUS+1 tools at Danfoss. “The PLUS+1 Interlink enables the most common data links for our Service Tool and the fourth consecutive screen editor update makes display applications even easier and faster to design.”

Ensuring an open approach, PLUS+1 Interlink, the PLUS+1 Service Tool, communicates in a secure way over WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and USB.

The free express license provides a no-risk introduction to the platform. It includes all PLUS+1 Compliance blocks for easy programming, with no restrictions on saving, compiling, or downloading. The express license includes a free 90-day professional trial, which is intended for those using advanced professional features.

The professional version includes Danfoss-engineered function block libraries and is designed to accommodate professional machine developers. It gives full access to tools and libraries to help speed up the software development process.


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