DEUTZ Updates Service Locator App, Release Android Version | Construction News

DEUTZ Updates Service Locator App, Release Android Version | Construction News

DEUTZ Corporation has improved its DEUTZ Service Locator app and released a new version of the app for Android devices.

Users of the updated DEUTZ Service Locator app can now quickly find authorized DEUTZ distributors, full-service dealers, OEM full-service dealers and OEM dealers within a 120-mile radius simply by entering their addresses, cities or zip codes. Distributors and dealers listed within the app must meet rigorous training criteria to ensure customers receive exemplary service for their DEUTZ engines.

"Training is a crucial aspect of being part of the DEUTZ service network,” said Russell Sauer, supervisor of technical training for DEUTZ. “For example, each distributor location is required to participate in over 430 hours of training covering the service and repair of our full product line. Full-service dealers are held to a similar standard with at least 216 hours of mandatory training. In both cases, regular re-certifications are used to maintain their proficiency and adapt to our ever-changing market."

Users who currently have the old version of the DEUTZ Service Dealer Locator app installed on their mobile devices simply need to update the app to get the most current version. Individuals who are downloading the app for the first time can visit the iTunes Store or Google Play, search for “DEUTZ Service Locator” and install the app by following the prompts. For the best possible user experience, all app users should check the general settings on their phones or tablets to ensure both WiFi and Location Services are turned on.  

"We had our customers in mind when we designed the app, because we realize that customers can't afford to have an engine down,” said Jeff Wolfe, director of marketing for DEUTZ. “On every single job site, productivity is on the line. That's why we ensure every single distributor and dealer listed on the app has the right tools to get the job done for DEUTZ engine customers.”

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