DICA Launches Heavy-Duty Ground Protection Mats that Deploy by Hand

DICA Launches Heavy-Duty Ground Protection Mats that Deploy by Hand

DICA first launched MaxiTrack, a heavy-duty ground protection and site access mat for the North American market, at the 50th Anniversary of World of Concrete this January.

The new product will also be on display at the ARA Show, February 18-21, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

MaxiTrack is the access mat solution that can be deployed by hand for companies that need to provide temporary access for wheeled or tracked equipment weighing up to 150 tons.

The 1” thick mats measure 3’x 6’ and weigh 88 lbs., making them light enough to be handled by just two people. Yet, heavy-duty HDPE plastic construction has the strength and rigidity to stand up to heavy equipment traffic.

“MaxiTrack is the heavy-duty ground protection mat that our customers have been looking for. We are delighted to be named a master distributor of MaxiTrack in the Americas by Ground-Guards USA,” said Kris Koberg, CEO of DICA.

In addition to roadways, MaxiTrack can be configured for tight areas and in asymmetrical shapes. For projects that cover large areas, four mats can be pre-assembled and mechanically lifted into place from lifting points to accelerate deployment.

“The strategic partnership between DICA and Ground-Guards USA presents a unique opportunity. It brings contractors a solution for projects that require more support than a medium-duty mat can provide but are still light enough to deploy and retrieve quickly by hand,” said Laurie Luke, managing director of Ground-Guards Ltd.

Kevin Koberg, DICA strategic accounts manager, says the patented design allows for fast assembly.

“A crew of four can install more than 1,000 sq. ft. in under an hour. When bolted together, the 4” overlapping flanges enable the individual mats to function as a single unit, limiting seepage, and providing an incredibly stable platform,” said Koberg.

Made of 100% recycled material, MaxiTrack is authorized for use by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) with designated NATO stock numbers.

Available for immediate shipment, MaxiTrack will be exhibited at Booth #1368 at The ARA Show.


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