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DIECI Touts New Pegasus 60.35 for Safety, Functionality and Productivity

DIECI Touts New Pegasus 60.35 for Safety, Functionality and Productivity

Safety, functionality and productivity are essential for large construction companies, particularly regarding machinery, and DIECI designed its new Pegasus 60.35 rotating telehandler with that in mind.

Custom Electronics with the Easy Tech System

The Pegasus telehandler range includes the Essential, Classic and top-of-the-line Elite models. The Elite features the Easy Tech System, a hardware and software platform developed by DIECI’s R&D department, offering modern vehicle-like data processing capabilities.

Key features include:

  • Enhanced movement precision with customizable parameters.
  • Automatic boom movement with six working modes: Normal, Soft, Heavy, Eco, Wall, and Floor.
  • Advanced Anti Tilt System-Pro, dynamically calculating work loads and installed equipment.
  • Electronically controlled load-sensing pump for dynamic setup based on working conditions.
  • Innovative Cab Features
  • The Pegasus Elite’s cab is redesigned for operational intuitiveness and safety, featuring digital controls on two displays:
  • A 4.3’’ display for running functions.
  • A 12’’ multi-touch display for operating status and advanced feature management.

The 12’’ display supports various modes, intuitive adjustments, and management of advanced features like the Soft Motion Function, Easy Work System, and “limits” function. Pop-ups and audible warnings enhance operator safety during handling, turning, and lifting operations.

Enhanced Comfort and Safety

  • The cab offers superior comfort and visibility with four access ladders, a controllable walkway, and:
  • Two proportional joysticks with capacitive sensors.
  • Controls on the right armrest, including a mini-joystick for outriggers and an “equipment quick coupling” control.
  • Large glass surfaces for complete visibility.
  • A reclining seat for overhead operations.
  • LED work lights, backlit keypads, and a monitoring system with up to three cameras.

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