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Dingli Launches T Series Modular Articulated Boom Series

Dingli Launches T Series Modular Articulated Boom Series

Dingli recently launched a new series of articulated booms with working heights of 36, 41 and 44 meters, and a load capacity of 272kg. This new series is based on the T series straight booms and continues the modular design of the Dingli boom family, with 85% of parts being interchangeable across models. Available in diesel, electric and hybrid versions, this design significantly reduces customers' secondary cost investment.

The T-series articulated booms feature a patented one-click in-situ axle expansion system, similar to the T series straight boom chassis. This innovative design allows for easy retraction and expansion of the axles in narrow spaces without needing to move the vehicle, eliminating tire wear during the process.

Additionally, the upper jib has a 230-degree amplitude and can be folded back for transportation, making this series the only articulated boom in its class that can be transported in standard containers.

The entire series adheres to the Cat 3 safety architecture of the T series straight booms, incorporating full redundancy in both software and hardware, as well as physical redundancy in the communication bus. With dual channels and dual insurance, this series boasts the highest level of safety in its class.

In terms of driving performance, the new series offers both flexibility and powerful capabilities, with a maximum gradeability of up to 45%. The chassis supports four steering modes (front and rear wheel steering, crab steering, and big U-turn), allowing seamless switching between modes to adapt to various work environments, ensuring optimal driving flexibility.

As high-meter booms, the T series excels in reach and span ability. When extended, the articulated boom offers a maximum up-and-over clearance of 18.8 meters and a maximum below-ground reach of 9.65 meters, making it suitable for complex high-altitude work conditions.

Currently, the BA44RT and BA41RT models from Dingli's articulated T series have been shipped. With the release of the complete range of nine articulated boom models (36, 41 and 44 meters, available in diesel, electric and hybrid versions), Dingli's T series boom lineup is now complete, totaling 18 models.


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