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Dingli Launches Upgraded D Series Boom Lifts

Dingli Launches Upgraded D Series Boom Lifts

Dingli has launched an upgraded line of high-capacity D series modular boom lifts with 705 lbs. of platform capacity, maximum working heights from 52.5’ to 72.1’, and maximum horizontal reaches from 28.5’ to 50.5’.

The lineup consists of four telescopic-boom models and four articulating-boom models, each available with diesel, electric, or hybrid power, for a total of 24 choices.

The upgraded D series continues Dingli’s modular design, in which all models are developed on the same platform and 85% of the components are common.

Different from the old models with the same working heights, the new D series features a lightweight design.

In addition, diesel-powered models now use lower-power engines that use less energy.

Dingli lists the key advantages of its upgraded D series models as:

  • Modular design with common parts to reduce parts inventory and make maintenance more efficient.
  • Every model is drivable at full height with 705-lb. maximum capacity.
  • The lightweight design and a lower center of gravity give greater stability, reduce ground pressure, make transportation easier, and reduce energy consumption.
  • The integrated axle, four-wheel drive, two-wheel steering, and reliable components provide ample power and maneuverability for any site conditions.
  • Electric models feature a 48V 375Ah high-capacity battery pack, for long run time and quiet operation.
  • Hybrid range-extended models have a 48V 320Ah high-capacity lithium battery pack plus an on-board range extender that can generate electricity to recharge the lithium battery pack anytime and anywhere.
  • Diesel models use a low-power engine to reduce energy consumption.
  • The full line of four telescopic models and four articulating models, each available with diesel, electric, or hybrid power is now fully launched.

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