Dingli Unveils Battery-Powered 3,300-lb. Capacity Glass-Handler

Dingli Unveils Battery-Powered 3,300-lb. Capacity Glass-Handler

Dingli has unveiled a battery-powered, 3,300-lb. (1500-kg.) capacity self-contained attachment that uses vacuum suction to handle large sheets of glass.

The attachment goes on Dingli’s 86’ all-electric boom lift, which is also powered by batteries and features four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, and an oscillating axle.

The BT2615ERTGS attachment has eight self-contained suction pads, so there’s no central pump or piping. The attachment runs on an 80V, 520Ah, maintenance-free lithium battery pack that recharges in 1.5 hours.

The built-in rotator can turn a panel has unlimited continuous rotation, so it can turn a sheet as many degrees as needed to orient it properly. The unit can also tilt a sheet 30° rearward, 90° forward, and 80° to the left or right for precise positioning. Maximum lifting height is 86’, based on the boom length of the boom.

Operation is controlled by wireless remote.

The new 3,300-lb. rotation is a larger and upgraded design based on earlier glass handlers that Dingli began introducing in 2020.

The earlier models have capacities of 1,100 and 2,645 lbs. They both also offer only 90° rotating, instead of unlimited.

Dingli says its 2,645-lb. glass handler has performed well in dozens of curtain wall installations, where it has installed an average of 13 large panels per day with a crew of three to four people.


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