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Elliott Debuts D100i Insulating Transmission Digger Derrick

Elliott Debuts D100i Insulating Transmission Digger Derrick

Elliott Equipment Company is pleased to introduce the D100i Insulating Digger Derrick, the largest and most powerful insulating digger derrick in the industry. The D100i features a 100’ tip height and an independently operated fiberglass boom with 46kV insulation.


With a maximum lifting capacity of 48,000 lbs. and 10,800 lbs. at a 30’ radius the D100i lifts nearly twice as much as its competitors.


Elliott Equipment Company’s President, Jim Glazer, commented, “The D100i exemplifies Elliott’s core values of innovation, quality, and continuous improvement.”


He added, “The D100i is not only the most advanced digger derrick on the market, it

also incorporates years of customer input to optimize its performance and operator experience.”


The D100i is equipped with a 20,000‐ft‐lb auger drive, allowing it to handle up to 48” in width in a wide variety of soil conditions. Whether the task is setting poles or installing screw anchors, the D100i is poised for success.


One of the unit’s standout features is its independently powered fiberglass boom. The unit’s fourth stage, powered by a singular drive cylinder and a transferable pole guide, is adaptable for a range of configurations.


Elliott minimized the wheelbase of the D100i to a compact 232”, ensuring maneuverability around tight transmission pads are no challenge.


Also, the D100i can be operated with the outriggers partially deployed in mid‐span mode or with one side fully deployed and one side fully retracted to save additional space.


Additionally, the D100i has several features that help improve operator efficiency and serviceability:


  • Deluxe Control Console: Maximizing operator comfort and efficiency.
  • Intuitive LMI Interface: Providing clear feedback on load parameters.
  • High Pinpoint Boom Geometry: Offering unparalleled leverage, especially during challenging lifts.
  • Exceptional Ingress / Egress: For easy and safe operator transitions.
  • Engineered Serviceability: Designed to simplify maintenance and minimize downtime.
  •  Backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty.
  •  Compliant with ASNI/ASSP A10.31 standards in all modes of operation.


Additional D100i technical specifications:


  • Sheave height max: 100’
  • Horizontal reach max: 85’
  •  Digging radius: 24’‐41’
  • Lifting capacities: 48,000 lbs. (max), 36,000 lbs. (10' radius), 10,800 lbs. (30' radius)
  •  Boom range: ‐10 to 80 degrees
  •  Digger speeds: 80RPM/35RPM
  • Torque: 20,000 ft/lbs.

The D100i is currently on display at the 2023 Utility Expo at booth E1436.


Elliott Equipment Company is a manufacturer of aerial work platforms, digging, and material handling equipment. The company has been serving the utility, governmental, sign & lighting, energy, and transportation industries for over 75 years. 



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