Equipment from AGF Access Group Helps Build Montreal Light-Rail Project

Equipment from AGF Access Group Helps Build Montreal Light-Rail Project

AGF Access Group, Montreal, has been selected by NouvLR to supply equipment and services to assist with construction of the Edouard-Montpetit station, part of the new Réseau Express Métropolitan in Montreal.

The REM is a fully automated electric metro transit network, the largest mass transit project in Quebec in 50 years.

AGF Access Group’s, rental division, Jamco, provided a Hydro Mobile S Series transport platform for the initial phase of the project and will provide a temporary construction elevator for the second phase.

Jamco also provided fences, stair towers, a small fixed platform, pier access to formwork, hoarding, safety training for dedicated operators, and other services.

Construction of Edouard-Montpetit station required excavating and removing 39,239 cu. yds. of rock, as well as building the entire infrastructure for the station.

During the digging phase, an electric Hydro Mobile S Series transfer platform provided access for workers to build the base of the deep pit and to start erecting the steel structure approximately 230 ft., or 20 stories, down.

The S Series transfer platform, provided in December by Jamco, has a capacity of 5,400 lbs. and travels at 30 ft. per minute. The platform has overhead protection, an emergency descent system, and overload protection.

AGF Access Group engineers developed a customized approach in which chemical epoxy anchors affixed the transfer platform to the rock face. “In 40 years of experience, I have never seen a project like this,” said Marcel Jameus, president, Jamco. “Usually, we anchor TPs by drilling directly into the concrete, but because the wall is made of limestone, we developed our own innovative solution.”

Once the pouring phase begins, workers will efficiently travel 200 ft. per min using a temporary construction elevator from road level to the pit’s bottom and back.

“Our extensive experience with infrastructure projects has led to providing access solutions for another iconic Montreal construction project,” said Alex Di Domenico, vice president, major projects, AAG. “Combining a high-quality Hydro Mobile TP and construction elevator, the ingenuity of the AAG engineering team, and Jamco’s excellent customer service offers a superior access solution for this transformative Montreal construction project.”

The Edouard-Montpetit station will be one of 26 on the new 41.6-mi. network. NouvLR (SNC-Lavalin, Dragados Canada Inc., Groupe Aecon Québec Ltée, Pomerleau Inc., and EBC Inc.) won the contract in 2018 to engineer and construct the entire project. Work on the Edouard-Montpetit station began in July 2018 and will continue until 2022.


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