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Essential Li Deep-Cycle Batteries Provide Greater Capacity and Reliability for Battery-Powered Cranes and AWPs

Essential Li Deep-Cycle Batteries Provide Greater Capacity and Reliability for Battery-Powered Cranes and AWPs

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Experience the power of innovation with U.S. Battery's Essential Li Lithium-Ion deep-cycle batteries, a game-changer for battery-powered cranes and aerial work platforms. With extended performance, zero maintenance, and the trusted reliability customers have come from U.S. Battery products, it delivers superior power solutions to keep your work running smoothly.

The Essential Li US 24VGC2, is lightweight and sized perfectly for your equipment, and boasts a sophisticated battery management system (BMS) that provides real-time info on the state of charge and overall battery condition via an easy-to-see LED indicator. Plus, its automotive-grade CAN bus system enables manufacturers to integrate the battery seamlessly with equipment or user connection to an exterior remote display.

The pack is UL 2271 certified for light electric vehicles (LEVS) and is designed for resilience with a tough outer ABS case and IP67 rated to prevent damage from outside particles and moisture.

U.S. Battery's innovative BMS and large lithium iron phosphate (LFP) prismatic cell design are engineered for opportunity charges and to reach a full charge in as little as three hours, meaning less downtime between jobs.

With a 67 amp-hour capacity, it also delivers longer runtimes on a single charge, assuring you of dependable power for even the most demanding jobs. If you need more capacity, you can easily connect the Essential Li US 24VGC2 in parallel with additional batteries.

With a cycle life rating of 3,000+ cycles and an 8-year warranty, the Essential Li US 24VGC2 is the battery choice that won't let you down. In the long run, this deep-cycle battery ensures continued reliability and reduces overall costs with fewer annual battery replacements.

Set yourself up for success with U.S. Battery's Essential Li US 24VGC2.

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