Forklift Built for Pipe Yard Handling

Forklift Built for Pipe Yard Handling

The 125-year-old J.O. Galloup Co., Battle Creek, Mich., distributes industrial pipes, valves, fittings, and other plumbing, heating, and ventilation products throughout the Midwest.

Since taking delivery of its first Harlo HP8500 rough terrain forklift nearly two years ago, Galloup has come to prefer it for handling industrial pipe, thanks to its rugged design and simple maintenance.

Space in Galloup’s pipe yard is limited, so the pipe sections are stored closely together. The HP8500’s maneuverability helps Galloup make maximum use of its real estate and be more productive. “The HP8500’s tight turning radius lets its operator navigate efficiently with one point turns,” says Galloup operations manager Tim Hoezee.

Travel speeds to 25 mph let the Harlo forklift efficiently carry pipe and materials to Galloup’s neighboring plant about a mile away. Though the route of travel runs over gravel, sand, and asphalt, the Harlo’s four-wheel drive and 84-in. wide carriage handle all of the types of terrain and deliver materials safely.

Galloup operates its forklifts more than 10 hours per day all year round. The Harlo’s cab with heat and air conditioning keeps operators comfortable through all four Michigan seasons. A senior forklift driver at Galloup says that when his shift ends, the other drivers fight over who gets to drive the Harlo.


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