GEDA Transport Platform Supports Work at Planetarium Hamburg

GEDA Transport Platform Supports Work at Planetarium Hamburg
GEDA Transport Platform Supports Work at Planetarium Hamburg
GEDA Transport Platform Supports Work at Planetarium Hamburg

The GEDA 1500 Z/ZP transport platform is transporting construction workers and their materials for work being done on the dome of the Planetarium Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany.

Since it opened on April, 30 1930 the projection dome with its 67.6-ft. diameter has been the highlight of the venue as is this is where visitors can marvel at the starry sky in a unique 3D show. However, the constantly increasing stream of visitors has made renovation work on the roof essential. In addition the previously unused base of the building is being converted to make it wheelchair-accessible and to accommodate modern catering outlets, sales areas, staff offices, and function rooms.

The transportation of materials and people up the almost 231 ft. high building has been entrusted to GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co.KG. GEDA's partner, B+L Behrens+Lüneburger Baumaschinen, has leased the transport platform to the scaffolding installation company undertaking the works, Gehard Busch GmbH.  

The GEDA 1500 Z/ZP transport platform  
The GEDA 1500 Z/ZP transport platform combines two different devices into one, namely a materials hoist and a transport platform for people and loads. In contrast to conventional materials hoists, in which the transportation of people is strictly prohibited, as soon as the GEDA 1500 Z/ZP is switched to transport platform mode of operation, up to seven people are also permitted to be transported, in addition to 1763.7-lb. loads. 

The platform has a lot of space for bulky and heavy construction materials and therefore considerably improves logistics on the construction site. To meet the requirements of different construction site situations, the customer can select from the various platform options which extend up to load capacities of 4,409 lbs. and the practical modular construction means that there are many different combination options. The F-Platform which is 14.27 x 5.41x 3.6/5.9 ft. in size is being used at Planetarium Hamburg.  
The GEDA 1500 Z/ZP transport platform is guided along two steel masts and features a hoisting speed of 39 fpm in people transportation mode and 78.7 fpm in materials transportation mode.

Overcoming challenges
The conditions at Planetarium Hamburg did present some particular challenges to the scaffolding and height access technology, as the entire structure sits on earthworks; the transport platform had to be delivered and positioned at its place of use by a telescopic crane.

The base of the building is wider due to an arcade passage, and the building design of the planetarium is also different in the upper building segment. Therefore, both the scaffolding construction and also the anchorage of the transport platform had to be adjusted appropriately to the scaffolding. The solution to this challenge was using very long fixing devices with several stiffener tubes in the horizontal and vertical axes – particularly in the upper area of the building. Because of the even larger distances in the gradations in the upper parts of the building, girders with additional stiffener tubes are in use.  

Safety first
The GEDA 1500 Z/ZP transport platform is equipped with the usual safety equipment such as limit switches, speed-dependent safety gear, safety stop, and overload protection. A hot dip galvanized GEDA landing level safety gate is fixed at the top exit point at a height of about 213 ft. in order to ensure the safe transfer between the platform and the landing.  

The construction work is estimated to be completed in Dec. 2013.


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