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Genie’s Spill Guard Hydraulic Oil Containment System Is Now Available Globally

Genie’s Spill Guard Hydraulic Oil Containment System Is Now Available Globally

The Genie Lift Tools Spill Guard hydraulic oil containment system is now available globally as a factory-fit option on Genie E-Drive scissor lifts from 14 ft (4.3 m) to 40 ft (12 m).

The hydraulic oil containment system works with standard square pads that do not require time-consuming cutting or fitting.

A one-time factory installation of the easy-access, swing-out and bolt-in trays — which do not use or rely on magnets to stay secured — delivers a durable, economical solution that will not vibrate during transport. The system protects against hydraulic leaks on the job site, which can be costly or cause environmental issues.

“An increasing number of job sites, such as data centers and environmentally sensitive areas, require a hydraulic oil containment system,” says Christian Dube, Genie product manager. “Spill Guard is an economical solution that fulfills these requirements and mitigates the risk of costly clean-ups on finished floors.”

Genie E-Drive scissor lifts, which deliver more runtime per charge and superior performance thanks to fully-sealed, brushless, maintenance-free AC electric drive systems, have a low environmental impact.

Although hydraulic leaks are rare on Genie E-Drive machines, the Spill Guard system reduces the environmental impact, which covers the single point of possible leakage.


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