Genie Awarded IAPA 2023 Sustainability Award

Genie Awarded IAPA 2023 Sustainability Award

Genie has been recognized for its sustainability initiatives at the 2023 International Awards for Powered Access. The company was selected by an independent panel of judges representing the MEWP industry for implementing innovative solutions, projects, or programs that demonstrate how the company is adapting its business and/or products to environmental issues.

The 2023 IAPA winners were announced during the IPAF Summit, April 19-20, in Berlin, Germany.

Will Westley, Genie VP Sales & Support, EMEARI, and Corrado Gentile, Senior Regional Product Manager, EMEAR, received the award on behalf of Genie.

“Across our industry, jobsites and our customers are increasingly looking to manufacturers to help them reduce their environmental impact and reach their sustainability targets,” Westley said.

He continued, “Genie’s product portfolio is already 70% electrified, which helps lower jobsite emissions and reduce noise pollution. But our commitment to sustainability — and to helping our customers achieve their goals — goes deeper. It also is reflected in initiatives like our carbon reduction projects, recycling and energy efficiency activities, and an increasing use of clean energy technology across our global manufacturing and office footprint.”

Genie's sustainability projects span countries and continents and are being driven by leaders and team members alike.

“Citizenship, and being a good steward of the environment, is a core value at Terex. Our teams have truly embraced that commitment, finding ways to reduce emissions and waste, and use energy more efficiently — even in this challenging operating environment,” said Stacey Babson Kaplan, senior vice president and chief sustainability & compliance officer. “We are extremely proud of the progress our teams have made, and it’s wonderful to see the Genie team recognized for their work.”

As a brand of Terex Corporation, these Genie initiatives contribute to bigger-picture sustainability goals, including footprint targets to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and global energy intensity by 15% by 2024, compared with 2019 levels. These goals are laid out in the 2022 Terex ESG Report.


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