Genie GS-2669 BE Scissor Lift Elevates RT Versatility

Genie GS-2669 BE Scissor Lift Elevates RT Versatility
Genie GS-2669 BE Scissor Lift Elevates RT Versatility
Genie GS-2669 BE Scissor Lift Elevates RT Versatility
Genie GS-2669 BE Scissor Lift Elevates RT Versatility

Terex AWP/Genie has designed the hybrid-powered GS-2669 BE to be a versatile, all-around lift that delivers the same power and performance as a diesel or dual-fuel rough-terrain scissor lift, plus has the ability to work exhaust-free indoors on finished flooring until a project is complete.

That outdoor/indoor versatility benefits rental companies by letting them rent the same machine for a wider variety of applications. It also gives them the opportunity to keep the same machine rented from a project’s start to its finish.

During his demonstration at the Showcase, Genie scissor product manager Mark Powell highlighted the GS-2669 BE’s lifting capacity, versatility, performance, and ease of service. Powell noted that the GS-2669 BE has a maximum platform capacity of 1,500 lbs., including up to four people. He said that being able to handle that size of crew plus tools and materials improves productivity by enabling more work to be done without having to resupply as often.

Powell also noted that the GS-2669 BE, as well as the 33- and 40-ft. models, can all be driven at full height for even greater productivity.


Ample work time

Self-sufficient and able to work on a site before line power is available, the GS-2669 BE runs on a 48V electrical system with eight 6V 215Ah batteries that power all of the lift’s functions.

An integrated, industrial-grade, 2,400W generator powered by a 6.7-hp Kohler diesel engine recharges the batteries and provides 120V 15A electrical power to run tools. The generator is permanently mounted to prevent theft. In addition, an onboard charger can recharge the batteries using plug-in wall power while the lift continues to work. A monitoring system automatically stops charging when the batteries are fully recharged.

According to Powell, the fully charged batteries will provide about one day of typical operation.

By using the onboard generator, crews can work continuously, with the batteries being recharged periodically while the work goes on. To simplify operation, Genie’s automated power management system can be set to start up the generator automatically when the batteries need charging. But the operator can also choose to start it manually at any time, or to turn it completely off when exhaust-free operation is required.

The generator’s 3-gal. fuel tank will support 16 hours of continuous generator operation, which translates to about a week of typical work on one fill up, said Powell.


Powerful travel

The GS-2669 BE combines the power to travel over rough ground outdoors with the ability to tread lightly on finished floors indoors. The almost silent electric travel system features two-wheel drive, yet delivers positive traction control, travel speeds to 4.5 mph and the ability to climb a 35% grade. The rear wheels are driven by two independent, sealed, maintenance-free, AC drive motors and high-torque hubs. The front wheels steer, and the active oscillating front axle helps keep all wheels in contact with the ground. Foam-filled, non-marking rough-terrain tires come standard.


Other features

The deck is the same as the well-proven one used on Genie’s other 69-in. class rough-terrain scissor lifts. It is all steel for durability and features a textured stainless-steel deck for sure footing and easy maintenance. The main platform measures 5'0" x 9'2". The 5'0" long rollout deck can extend the platform working area to 5'0"x14'2". Capacity is 1,500 lbs. on the main platform, or 300 lbs. on the extension deck plus 1,200 lbs. on the platform. The extension deck can be locked at several intermediate positions and it travels on suspended wheels so debris on the platform will not hamper operation. The lift can be driven with the platform at full height and the deck fully extended.

The platform control box hangs on the rails. The cable that connects it to the machine is long enough to permit the operator to take it anywhere in the platform and to also operate the stowed machine from the ground during travel or loading onto a truck. The control box can also quickly be disconnected from the machine so it can be put into locked storage when the lift is not in use. The easy-to-use control system has a selector switch to choose whether to travel or lift, and all operation is handled through a single joystick, which even has the enabler switch built in. All functions are fully proportional.

To simplify service, the control system includes Genie’s SmartLink diagnostics, which uses an onboard computer to help troubleshoot and report problems in plain language. It can also download software updates for the machine through a wired or wireless remote connection. In addition, Genie’s Telematics Ready connector makes it easy for a user to plug in any telematics system for features like GPS location, geo-fencing, remote disabling, or data collection.


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